Customer Loyalty Repels the Recession

photo credit: Jacob Bøtter

Small business’ today face a lot of challenges such as staying in good terms with your bank, finding new customers, healthcare issues, possibly having to cut staff and more, so it’s very important to stay on top of your current customer base.

Keeping your customers satisfied and happy at all costs is what will create them to become very loyal to you and stay with you through all of your hard times and celebrate with you when the hard times are gone.

Some way’s of keeping them loyal and happy with you are lower prices of course, monthly sales, promotion’s, free products and more. Please go to Understanding for the complete article on customer loyalty.


“Forget discounts. Promote the fact that you now have every-day low prices. In this recession there’s a reason why companies like Wal-Mart and McDonalds are actually making more money. It’s because the whole world knows that right now it’s all about value pricing. And for household goods or a burger, you’re most likely heading to these two places first for a great low price.”

Above it all, make sure you have a high priority on your staff, this means making sure they are happy which in turn creates a better attitude and atmosphere for the customers.

What loyalty story do you have about one of your customers?

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