Children learn best when they’re having fun. TheaterFun knows it, too. Through their school programs they bring enjoyable lessons into the classroom. In fact, the classes are so enjoyable that they go beyond the classroom, they also host birthday parties.

Inspired by Carol Romo’s experience as a ballet teacher and TV producer, TheaterFun was born 15 years ago. Since then the business has grown into new areas of acting, birthday parties, and even expanded as a business opportunity.

What was your inspiration for the TheaterFun?

I am a Ballet teacher and children’s TV producer and over the years I have come to love working with children. I was approached by one of my student’s mom as to why I didn’t do “Ballerina” Birthday parties….it seemed an easy thing to do, so I created my first party — Ballerina Birthday, then went on to create all the others. I then went on to create all the programs for the schools- Theater, Manners and Hip Hop classes. We are now adding “Acting for the Camera” and Hollywood Prep: Acting for TV Commercials!

How long have you been in business for?

I have been teaching Ballet for 30 years or so and Theaterfun has been around for around 15 years.

How does TheaterFun work?

We go into schools and teach a 6 or 8 week course in Theater, Script writing, Improv, Manners or Hip Hop. During the summer we go into the camps at the daycares and offer incredible “Theater In-School Workshops”, and we also do birthday parties on the week-ends.

What changes has it seen since it first launched?

You name it, we’ve changed it! I have put together systems for every possible problem and created more streamlined ways of teaching our wonderful programs!

What goals do you hope to reach over the next year?

I am currently licensing Theaterfun, but because I’m a small business with limited funds for advertising etc. I would like to get an investor or a partner to come along side to help really grow the business.

In what countries/states do you currently have licensees located?

Colorado, The Dominican Republic, Egypt, Russia and Kuwait.

What do you look for in a potential licensee?

First and foremost, they must enjoy working with children; they must also realize that this is a business and must not be afraid to get on the phone and talk to the schools in their area. They won’t be the ones teaching the children because they will eventually have so many schools they will need to hire teachers.

What are your requirements for purchasing one of your licenses?

A computer, a phone, and the time to work the business. Because this is a “License” and not a “Franchise” they do not have to follow anything I tell them to do to be successful, and they can add to the programs any way they want.

What lessons have you learned from your business about entrepreneurship?

I have learned that just because you have a dream, you have to work that dream. I joking say that I have a PHD. in life and also, that I have “failed” my way to success. Every time I would run into a problem, I would have to figure out how to fix it and make sure that it didn’t occur again. I didn’t have any models to follow; it was just my years of teaching Ballet day in, day out that I was able to transfer that knowledge to school programs.

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