Government data is actually quite boring on its own, but in these exciting times of democratized programming, government data can be turned into some pretty exciting mashups.

That’s just what the nonprofit Sunlight Foundation is aiming to make more possible with its work to make government and related data more available with its new Apps for America contest. More than 40 open source applications and websites making use of that data entered the contest and the six fabulous winners were announced.

The six winners received between one and fifteen thousand dollars cash to support further development of their projects.

– Fillibusted – a site aiming to hold filibustering Congresspeople accountable for their actions.

– Legistalker – a site that tracks news, Twitter, YouTube and other online activity by and about members of Congress.

HelloCongress – like Digg for Congressional priorities, with a twist.

Know Thy Congressman – a beautiful informational pop-up about Congresspeople that you can invoke anywhere you find their names on the web.

– Yeas and Nays – a sophisticated Firefox plug-in that helps you click-to-call members of Congress.

E-Paper Trail – a data rich site to compare and learn about Congresspeople.

Photo by slonecker.

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