Baby Steps To Social Media

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photo credit: lepiaf.geo

Social media can represent an overwhelming set of tools, websites, and communities for an organization that hasn’t yet gotten involved. Whether you’re trying to sell leadership on a plan to get going in social media or you’re trying to figure out how to get your own company more up to speed, you’ve got to start somewhere. Focus on a few simple steps to get things rolling.

Stated in a recent post located on Andy Sernovitz’s blog.

You don’t have to have a blog specific to your industry, feel free to comment on related blogs that somehow tie into your company in some way. Locate and use the free tools on google and twitter to track who is saying what about you and your business and how often you are being talked about.

As soon as possible you should start a twitter account. By logging into your twitter account for only a few minute’s or more a day you can have constant access to all kinds of resources such as influential people, key speakers on your business and more.

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