Recover That Missing Data

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Everyone has been there at least once during their time of using any computer, you all of a sudden realize that some very important data has gone missing from your computer and you do not have it backed up on a cd. Immediate panick and thoughts of having to re-do it all from memory immediately set in. Well now there are free programs that you can turn to that will help recover this lost and much needed information for you as suggested on Small Business Blog.

TestDisk is a program that can rebuild your master boot record, performs basic file recovery and copies deleted files from partitions to recover media.

UNDELETE PLUS like Recuva, assigns a recovery probability to files it finds based on how damaged the file is; sets filters based on time and size to avoid sifting through every deleted file on your disk; keep sfolder structures intact during recovery.

Restoration is a little more on the no frilly side of things, there is no special benefits to this software. It simply searches basic file names by size and file name.

Do you know of any new software to help with file recovery?

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