Make Your Copy Bulletproof

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Whether you are writing a simple article, a cornerstone blog post, or a landing page designed to breathe life into your budding dreams, there might be nothing more important than the care you give to crafting your argument.

CopyBlogger recently posted a very interesting article regarding how to make sure your copy is truly bulletproof and enabling you to sell more. Now it is important to remember that it is just impossible to sell to EVERYONE, it doesn’t happen even for the best business person. But if there is even a slight chance that your prospect is interested in buying, then make sure you turn that into a definite.

Have someone close to you who is a skeptic of everything read your copy first, if you can sell them, then you are sure to sell your prospects. Try having someone who is a touchy feely type of person read your copy. Customers often like to feel touched and even moved by something they read.

We all know someone in our lives who is weary of everything and often times does not buy into much of anything. This is a great person to have read your copy, because once again if you can get past their weariness and get them to buy into what they read, then there is definite hope for your prospects.

What can you add to making your copy bulletproof?

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