Tampa Moms Produce Eco-Friendly Children's Clothing Line


Danielle O’Connor and Shari Feldman met at the University of South Florida while pursuing their doctorates in Anthropology. In 2003, the friends traveled to Guatemala where they became fascinated with the textiles worn by the local indigenous people. Soon, they both became mothers and although their focus shifted to their families, their appreciation of cultures and their memories of Guatemala never faded.

The young mothers became inspired by the love for their children and their reminiscence of the beautiful Mayan textiles. This is where the idea for Chi Chi Amor was born. In 2006, Shari and Danielle took a few trips to Panajachel, Guatemala where they met with several textile producers. Together they developed a line of unique children’s clothing that integrated Mayan textiles with contemporary western fashion. Their products are handmade by small family groups who work in collaboration with Chi Chi Amor to design and produce their garments. Danielle and Shari take great care to assure that all of the Guatemalan collaborators will be paid for their work according to the prices they set for themselves and are recognized for their artistry.

Logo from Chi Chi Amor

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