Work-at-home moms are the ultimate multitaskers. They’re able to handle a business from their home office and raise their children under the same roof. It’s a tricky task but not impossible.

Danica Favorite, the Denver working-from-home examiner, recently posted a list of tips by Marybeth Whalen that are geared toward helping work-at-home women like us.

1. Set Standards. Let the children know when they can (and can’t!) interrupt you.

2. Establish rewards and consequences. For example, I plan summer outings like going to the pool or visiting a new park. However, the condition for the outing is that I have to get my work done. If they interrupt and keep me from finishing, we don’t get to go.

3. Give the kids tasks. If they know what they’re supposed to be doing, they’re less likely to bother you with cries of, “I’m bored!”

4. Set a schedule. If the kids know what to expect each day, they are better able to respect your boundaries. At our house, each day has a different theme. By knowing the day of the week, they know what’s happening without having to ask.

5. Take advantage of the beautiful days. Take the laptop (and the kids!) outside. The kids can work off their energy while you get your work done.

Not enough? Here is one more tip from my own book of tricks:

6. Work an extra hour after your kids go to sleep or start your day a couple hours before your kids wake up. It is amazing what you can accomplish with a little silence. Use that to your advantage! By staying up a couple hours past their bedtime or waking up a couple hours before hand you will be able to get some work done, without the noise.

Photo by Gustty