Dealing With Negative Customers

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photo credit: koni_photo

In business we have all been there, you greet a person walking through your store door with a smile and right off the bat you just know they are going to be a pain in your side. Every little thing you do or say annoys them, they ask for your help and even then they are still annoyed by your suggestions. Below are a few tips found on Selling To Consumers on how to deal with your negative naysayers.

Be ridiculously positive with them. Meaning for every negative thing they have to say, find some sort of positive reaction to it even if it’s a small reaction.

Take notes throughout the conversation. These negative people may not even be aware of their behavior, some when realizing your taking notes on what they are saying will halt their negativity at the thought of you repeating their bad behavior to a superior.

As a last resort, disengage with your prospect. Saying something like “You know, I just don’t think I’m going to be able to help you today – Thank you for coming in today” will shock some naysayers back into reasonable conversation. Some even apologize! Others will go on naying their way into oblivion.

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