Duquense University steps
photo credit: ndanger

So social media (Facebook, Twitter, and blogging, for example) is fun; but is it business? If you’re wondering, then it’s about time to take a step back, breathe deeply, and revisit the fundamentals.

While many social media applications are fun and handy for just about everything, not all of them fit for business. Below are a few steps you can take in your business to reach social media.

Make sure you have a review schedule before you even do any sort of business planning. Set up a specific day where you review once a month to see what your progress is, as suggested on OpenForum. Think through your business plan that you are about to put into motion, and then set up some steps on how to get there. This does not mean you always have to follow them, but it is nice to have steps towards your ending goal.

When all is said and done and put into perspective, execute your plan. No business plan ever goes exactly as you write it, you will always have to do some  reviewing, correcting and steering in possibly different directions. But without a business plan, you would never even know where to at least start or where you at least want to end up.

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