Sys-con TV interview with Duane Nickull
photo credit: Andre Charland

If you have a financial advisors, then you should already be listening to their advice, taking it into consideration, if you aren’t then you need to start. After all what else did you hire this person for if not to take advice from them on your businesses financial matters? suggests that many people end up making a rather large and wrong decision without sufficient advice from a financial advisor. This proves to be quite detrimental to the companies finances and well being.

Learn to recognize when you are facing a decision that you feel insufficiently informed to make, then find and contact advisors. There are experts in practically every field. Make your decision only after you feel confident in your grasp of the information.

Taking advice from more than one financial advisor can prove to be confusing when they may differ on their opinions, the thing to remember here is they all have certain limitations, certain areas of expertise. So remember to take all of that into account when making your final decision.

Listen to what each advisor is telling you, listen to their reasoning behind their advice, maybe even take notes so you can look back later and re-read what was suggested. Decide for yourself which advice from whomever makes more sense for your company.