Steps To Your Stimulus Money

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We have all heard all of the rumors and statements going around about all of the billion’s of dollars that is being offered to businesses around the country as part of the stimulus package. Most of us however don’t either know where to locate them or even what part of the funds we qualify for. recently posted an article on steps to take to get to your piece of the stimulus money.

First of all you have to figure out where your business fits in. What type of services or products do you provide? From there you’ll have a better idea of what part of the stimulus package pertains to your business.

Next you will have to decide what level of government you are wanting to sell to in order to obtain your stimulus money. Do you want to stay local, or do you feel you can make it big with the state and federal government sectors?

Identify the procurement people involved, and if possible, the program managers. These are people you need to meet. Like other markets, the government is a relationship market–it helps to know the people you are doing business with.

Visit, a site that lists state by state where and how the money will be spent as well as when the money will be paid out. After you have taken all of the initial steps, go back and do them all over again. Take a look at what you have already done and be sure that you have picked all the right moves and sectors that will work for your business and ensure that you get your part of the stimulus money.

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