Summer Sanity Tips For Work From Home Moms

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During summer vacation all of us stay at home moms can appreciate the higher level of stress that most of us tend to experience. Your juggling your kids, play time, work, house cleaning, errands, play dates and more. Here are some tips to help keep your sanity during the kids summer vacations.

  • Always remember that you were not born as super woman, you CAN NOT do it all on your own so stop trying to and feeling bad when you don’t accomplish everything.
  • Focus on Your Priorities — Since you can’t do it all it’s important to have real clarity about which projects you’re going to focus on, so your work is streamlined.
  • Plan out some activities or camp week’s for your kids during their summer vacation. There are always classes and some sort of sports activities that you can sign them up for as well as a couple week long camp where they can meet new children from different areas.
  • Depending on the ages of your children, you can always get them interested and involved in your work at home and use them. Give them various small tasks that make them feel useful but at the same time they can’t destroy the project in any way, recently suggested on

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