You may not think this would be an easy time for the entrepreneur to find success. But one KELOLAND mom says business is heating up in the salsa industry.

When you see it on grocery store shelves, you can’t help but notice the label, along with the unusual name, “LuLu’s Big Hair Salsa.” That woman on the label is creator Mary Lou Roggow.

“No, there’s not hair in the salsa!” Roggow said.

Roggow says her reputation for having big hair led to the name.

“I’m from the 80’s where the big hair happened and all that stuff and salsa is such a fun food so we decided to have fun with it,” Roggow said.

So with no loans and very little overhead, a year ago Roggow began making her salsa and selling it to stores.

“I just took in a container to each store. I first started with Renner corner and then Cleaver’s Market, Coop Natural Foods and then Your Secret Kitchen and eventually Hy-Vee,” Roggow said.

It was getting it into the Sioux Falls Hy-Vees that really helped her business take off.

“We went from doing like 60 containers a week to 320 that week,” Roggow said.

Image from Lulu’s Big Hair Salsa