Home Business Gardening Service Ideas

Denver Gardening Examiner:

Start a home business gardening service that fits your skill set. There are a wide variety of home business ideas for gardeners. Use your green thumb to teach others how to garden.

Help seniors with their gardens or simply sell your own produce. Use one of these gardening business ideas or come up with your own.

Garden planning
Many first time gardeners may wish to do the work themselves but haven’t a clue where to begin. Start a home business working as a consultant to show them where, when and how to plant their garden.

Use your knowledge about combative and companion vegetables, sun and shade plants and other growing tips to help them plant and maintain their first garden.

Garden Construction
Preparing garden beds for planting is back breaking work. Not everyone is physically up to it. Raised bed gardening is becoming quite popular.

Physically handicapped gardeners might appreciate a home business that constructs this type of accessible garden.

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