Pegasus News:

Dallas’ Preston Royal Village will be the first US location of Pinkberry to open outside of the California and New York Markets.

“Preston Royal Village represents the heart of Dallas. This prominent location has been thriving for over 50 years and will continue to be a vital part of the Dallas community for a long time to come,” says Adam Saxton, Director of Development and an owner of Saxton Pierce Restaurant Corporation, exclusive franchisee for Pinkberry in Dallas-Ft. Worth.

Pinkberry is joining excellent company within Preston Royal Village, located on the northeast and northwest corners of Preston Road and Royal Lane and home to over sixty-five distinctive shops and services. Customers will be able to enjoy Pinkberry while browsing at Barnes & Noble, shopping next door at Merge, treating their four legged friend to treats from City Pet, or during play dates at Smashing Times.