Netsolace And Michael H. Seid & Associates Announce Strategic Alliance

PR Newswire:

Netsolace, the premier provider of customizable technology solutions for franchisors, announced today a strategic alliance with Michael H. Seid & Associates (MSA), the franchise industry’s leading consulting company. Netsolace and MSA have teamed up to educate franchisors on the benefits of integrating seamless technology and training into their franchise systems and supplying them with a solution to improve the support they deliver to their franchisees.

“The alliance between Netsolace and MSA is a natural evolution. MSA has worked with Netsolace from its earliest stages and has served as a key advisor, particularly with regard to development of the training tools and the nXstep product,” said Tariq Farid, president of Netsolace. “In addition, we’ve found that our companies not only have products and services that complement one another, but we share a vision and commitment to helping franchise systems achieve maximum performance.”

Netsolace and MSA leverage their expertise to provide franchise solutions that range from business consulting, strategic and tactical advice and assessment in the planning and implementation of a technology infrastructure designed to increase efficiency and profitability. Each company provides its clients tailored and cost-effective, end-to-end solutions that help franchise systems realize greater success.

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