Stress is a problem that everyone faces and it can have a very negative effect, especially on children. When her son was having a hard time going to sleep at night Lori Lite came up with a solution, a bedtime story that made use of proven relaxation techniques. That first story has since transformed into Stress Free Kids, a product line that offers stories and other relaxation products for children, teens, and adults.

If this all sounds familiar, then you might remember Lori from the Shark Tank (on Episode 3). Her ability to win over Barbara Corcoran on the program is just one giant leap down the road that will hopefully lead to a successful business.

I recently had the opportunity to ask Lori a few questions about Stress Free Kids to learn a little more about her inspiration and goals for the business.

Tell us a little about Stress Free Kids.

Stress Free Kids is a home based business that helps children, teens and adults manage stress, anxiety and anger. We have a line of books and CDs. Our childrens stories entertain children while introducing them to research-based relaxation and self-esteem building techniques.

What inspired you to create your books?

My son was my catalyst and my inspiration. He was sick all of the time and hyperactive. Every night it took me 2 hours to get him to go to sleep. One night I wondered what it would be like if I could get my son to use the same relaxation techniques that I was working with. I began to create a story that incorporated an actual technique. To my amazement, my son followed along and fell asleep. My husband was listening from the hallway and when I came out of his room, he told me how great he thought the story was. He encouraged me to write the story down so that I could help thousands of other parents and children. From there an entire business has been inspired. I now have 8 books, 6 cds, and 2 curriculums.

What are some of the relaxation techniques that they make use of?

Angry Octopus incorporates progressive muscular relaxation, Bubble Riding uses visualizing, Sea Otter Cove is diaphragmatic breathing, and Affirmation Weaver uses positive statements. The Goodnight Caterpillar, A Boy and a Turtle, A Boy and a Bear, and Affirmation Web are written for slightly younger and introduce the same techniques.

Any new books or relaxation CDs in the works?

I wish I had time to finish the 4 new stories I started. Right now all the focus is on marketing my already existing titles.

Congratulations on doing so well on ABC’s Shark Tank! Now that it is over, what new goals do you have for your company?

My immediate goal is to wrap up this deal with Barbara Corcoran and turn this company into the success story it deserves to be.

What are some of your long term goals?

My longer term goals would be to see my company create other products that complement my stories. I see bedding, relaxation kits, eye pillow, plush animals… Tell me when to stop.

Looking back, did you ever imagine that the road to a successful business would be this tough and that you would make it this far?

You know, I am surprised at how long and rough the road to success is. I honestly thought that Oprah would call my house the day after I released my first book. I actually keep an outfit in my closet ready to go… I am still waiting for the phone to ring.

What are some of the lessons your business has taught you?

I have learned that the work never ends and you must always dig deep to get to the next level. I don’t believe people when they present themselves as an “overnight success.” They just forgot about the bumps in their road.

Running a business while taking care of a family must be tough. Do you have any tips or tricks that have helped you make the most of your time?

My trick is working from my kitchen. I can whip us a batch of meatballs, help with homework and work on a business plan at the same time.

What advice would you like to offer fellow mom entrepreneurs that are just getting started?

Let your children see you work. Let them participate in your dreams and passions. I think this is invaluable.