Things Not To Do As A Manager

Office: the new account manager
photo credit: wili_hybrid

When you’re in a management position, especially if you’re new to that position, you often want to be so helpful and in tune with the rest of your team that you can actually make a few mistakes that end up pushing your team away from you or become counter productive. Below are some bad traits that you don’t want as a manager that I read about on Office Hero Headquarters.

  1. Constantly checking in with your team. Not only does this suck up a large amount of your time to the point that it keeps your attention away from more important tasks that you should be handling, but it also gives your team the impression that you don’t trust them nor their capability of doing their job and that’s why your always checking in on them.
  2. Setting objectives that you know are a stretch. Why do this? If you already know it’s a stretch and there’s a good chance that these objectives won’t be met or your team will practically kill themselves in order to meet them, then don’t set them in the first place. This sets up for disappointment all around and creates irritation towards you by your team.

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