Franchise Wire:

… Now, more than ever, people interested in having their own business should look at the many opportunities offered through franchising. With an estimated 1,200 unique franchise systems in Canada, franchise opportunities can be found in a wide range of industries and investment levels and can be the key to success for people interested in being in business for themselves but not by themselves. Attending The Franchise Show on October 24 and 25, held at the Toronto Congress Centre and produced by the Canadian Franchise Association (CFA), will help everyone explore the many opportunities available in Canadian franchising.

“While many people think of franchising as fast food, what most people don’t realize is that a franchise can be found in nearly every industry,” says Lorraine McLachlan, CFA President and Chief Executive Officer. “A hallmark of the franchise business model is a tried and true formula for replicating success and any business that can be exactly replicated can be a franchise. Because of this, the diversity of businesses being franchised in Canada is extraordinary.”

With over 100 franchise brands exhibiting this year, The Franchise Show is a unique way for anyone thinking about investing in a franchise to directly obtain information in person from franchisors from a range of franchise concepts. It is the best way for a prospective franchisee to find the franchise that best matches their needs. With many of Canada’s best-known brands, The Franchise Show provides a venue for attendees to get their questions answered as well as obtain invaluable, up-to-date information.