How To Mobilize Your Network

photo credit: William Hook

Even though social media is becoming more and more relevant everywhere you look today, many business owners still feel it is important to put a face with a name whether you put a profile picture on your website or still manage to meet your clients and customers in person. People still like to be able to see what the person looks like that they are doing business with whether they buy online or in the store. So I’ve put together a short tip list on how you can mobilize your network.

Try to make some new connections through your community. Set up trade show associations and other various events. You can also organize several different workshops on various topics, volunteer and donate at your local church events, or even set up meetings and connections through any alumni that you belong to, as suggested on Open Forum.

Make yourself and your company more available online with various sites such as Twitter, Facebook and maybe even Linkedin. Be sure to participate as much as you have time for on discussion boards, give advice, suggestions and tips to other connections where needed, and maybe even post a particular problem you are having and ask for tips and suggestions as well.

It’s an integrated strategy: make connections at events, build on them through social media, and then identify those who can help spread the word. “It takes a more personal interaction to strengthen a relationship. But still, we don’t approach everyone like a potential evangelist. Sometimes we just invite people in to learn more over lunch. Then they can feel more confident in mentioning us when they’re talking to someone who is looking for our services.

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