YouTube Racking Up “Over a Billion Views a Day”

The New York Times is reporting that according to comScore YouTube surpassed 10 billion views in a single month in the United States for the first time. That made YouTube nearly 20 times more popular than its nearest rival in online video, Microsoft, which showed just 547 million videos.

But on the third anniversary of its $1.65 billion deal to sell itself to Google, YouTube is saying, in a sense, you may be underestimating us.

The company released more precise viewing figures than it had in the past, saying it serves more than 1 billion videos a day, or roughly 30 billion in a month.

Unlike the comScore numbers, which are for the United States only, the viewing data released by YouTube is global. But since Google gets roughly half of its business from overseas, it isn’t unreasonable to assume that roughly half of YouTube’s audience is overseas.

It won’t help anyone outside the company to know how soon YouTube may become profitable or how much revenue it brings in. But there is little doubt that analysts will be revising their financial projections for the site in the coming days.

Photo by YouTube/McDonalds.

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