Pink Tools Tough Enough For Any Project

Kate Julian pulls out her pink drill from her pink tool belt. The mother is getting ready to put up a ceiling fan in her home near Aubrey in Denton County.

“I’ve never been too intimated to take on a project,” says Julian.

She’s not intimated because she’s got a secret weapon – a shiny set of pink tools. From hammer’s to drills to jumper cables it’s all pink and made just for women.

“These are the real thing,” explains Julian “You can use these on a daily basis and they are not going to break.”
Julian points to her display of Tomboy Tools and says they weigh less and are easier to hold.

About a year ago Julian discovered the pink tools and has been hosting house parties ever since. It’s like a Tupperware party, but with tools.

On this Wednesday a group of women meet her to learn more about the tools.

“I’m not handy at all,” says Crystal Miller. The single mother says she got tired of running to her father for help around the house and wanted to be more self sufficient.

“He’s handy he’s always been the one to do everything and then I got married and my husband did everything and then after I got divorced there was no one to do everything,” says Miller.

Logo from Tomboy Tools

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