Aaron Sinykin: Franchise Allows Him Family Time

AZ Central.com:

Aaron Sinykin’s long-term goal was to earn enough income so his wife could stop working once they began having kids and have enough flexibility to spend quality time with his family.

He didn’t see that happening, though, in his job as a finance analyst at Intel Corp. in Chandler.

“It was the standard workweek – eight to four, eight to five – kind of being on call with e-mail all weekend for issues,” Sinykin said. “Basically, I had to report to someone else and I was kind of at the mercy of how fast that company wanted to move me up, no matter how hard I was working and what the results were. You kind of had to wait your turn in line.” He added, “We knew if we wanted to meet those goals, we would have to look for something different.”

Sinykin and his wife, Debbie, decided franchising was their best option.

“I felt like I had the guts to go out and start a business but I didn’t have the guts to develop my own concept yet,” he said. “I wanted to make sure we had some safety in terms of branching out there.”

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Photo: Jack Kurtz / The Arizona Republic.

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