Six Steps To Creative Breakthroughs

Innovation is a process. Follow‘s road map to generate game-changing ideas for your business.

1. Look Behind You
History can be a great teacher. We were always looking back to see what did and did not work. It was fundamental. And it was what my clients were telling me to do.

2. Lose The Routine
Time wasting is an excellent source of innovation. Make time to read widely, and cultivate a variety of friends and online groups who send you wacky articles.

3. Use The Brains You Hired
Smart entrepreneurs maximize innovation by encouraging all employees to think creatively about the business.

4. Get Cozy With Customers
Your customers are your lifeblood. The heart of innovation is understanding what problems they have that you can solve.

5. Share The Load
Getting outside feedback and vetting new concepts doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming.

6. Try To Fail Quickly
Once you find a good idea, don’t move halfheartedly.

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