Mobile Nail Spa Business Is Heavenly For Mompreneur

Naperville Sun:

Tinika Amison realizes that if she is going to help people, the first step must literally be her own.

The 33-year-old single mom of three children who lives in Naperville launched a new mobile nail spa business earlier this year known as Angel Feet. It’s an at-home nail service that Amison said focuses on serving those “who are not able to get out and enjoy the pleasures of receiving nail care.

“My goal is to cater to those in nursing homes, assisted living facilities, expectant mothers and others who are not able to be completely mobile,” she said.

The business idea was launched by Amison and a friend she said “seemed to have been sent to her from heaven.” When the pair brainstormed ideas for the new business, she wanted the heavenly angle to be a part of the name.

“I made up my mind to do this and actually earned my license in just three months,” Amison said. “A lot of my family is amazed that I actually went ahead and started this business on my own, but I did, despite the other things I have going in my life.”

Photo by D Sharon Pruitt

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