YouTube Direct Lets ‘Citizen Journalists’ Submit News Videos

With the advent of “citizen journalism,” anyone with a camera, an Internet connection, and a few questions can become a member of the fourth estate. But how do you know if this reporting is accurate?

AppScout reports that YouTube has a new portal, dubbed YouTube Direct, intended to provide news organizations with a more organized way to find and use homemade videos about the day’s major news stories.

Let’s say a tornado touches down and wipes out a Midwestern town, a politician makes a newsworthy comment at a voter meet-and-greet, or a traffic accident has brought a major highway to a standstill. A news team might not be able to make it to the scene immediately, but you had your camera out and captured the action.

Now, through YouTube Direct, you can submit your video to the news organization of your choice and that station or Web site editor can choose whether to use or decline your footage via a private dashboard. The result? “Citizen stringers,” YouTube said.

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