Yay or Nay: The Pink Of Tomboy Tools


Tomboy Tools, a Denver, Co. company started and run by women, sent us the Tomboy Traveler tool kit ($79.95) that contains 11 tools in a canvas bag. Many of the tools have been engineered specifically for women: the mini hacksaw is smaller and the hammer has the weight re- apportioned toward the head, not in the handle. Tomboy sells their tools and teaches women proper use through Tupperware-style parties.

I decided to ask my women friends what they thought. I did an informal survey of 10 women and asked: “Thumbs up or down for pink tools?”

Half liked them, half didn’t. The ones who didn’t like them suspected they were pricier and silly. A quick spin through the website shows most of the prices are comparable to the big-box stores.

Those who liked them thought the color was fun and they would be easy to spot in dark areas. The biggest reason several of the women liked these tools was this: men would not borrow or use them! They liked the idea of having their own tools.

Logo from Tomboy Tools

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