Iranian officials have arrested key members of GoldQuest, a controversial network marketing scheme which has allegedly defrauded thousands of people worldwide.

Airport Police Chief Ahmad Asadian said at least 120 GoldQuest agents have been arrested in Imam Khomeini International Airport (IKA) upon arrival from a company meeting in Bangkok, Thailand.

“There is a strong corruption case against these people in the prosecutor’s office in the northern city of Rasht,” Asadian told IRIB on Friday. “We tracked their flight number and arrested them as soon as their plane landed.”

Asadian said the Tehran government will deal severely with those who use Pyramid scams such as GoldQuest to disrupt national economy and take advantage of people with poor economic knowledge.

“These people say the company is a legal multi-level marketing business, whereas their activities are against the interests of the Iranian people and economy,” he said.

Photo by markcoggins