The Taunton Gazette:

In the fall of 1979, current Thornberry Road resident and professed cookie-lover Deb McWade was in a cookie crisis.

Back then, McWade’s humble abode was situated in New York City – her husband was taking graduate courses at New York University – and her kitchen was, one might say, minimalist.

“We lived in this tiny little below ground Laverne-and-Shirley-type one-room below apartment, with the bars on the windows,” she remembered. “All we had was a toaster oven, a hot plate and a tiny refrigerator.

“I was dying to bake, and I needed a chocolate chip cookie,” she continued, pausing a moment to take a fresh batch of cookies from her present-day oven of a grander scale.

“So we baked them two at a time in the toaster oven.”

Making a respectable batch took hours.

Three decades later, customers of “Deb’s Cookies” – the business McWade started in March – are finding why she went through all that trouble.

“That was the same recipe I use now, and they still came out great,” said McWade.

Photo by Denise Cross

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