Best Way To Market My New Niche Biz?

Pattie Simone over at Entrepreneur magazine has a great answer to this marketing question.

Successful campaigns in any platform come about as a result of careful research, brand development, testing various messages, offers and venues within an overall strategically planned action blueprint.

Specifically, from a cursory review of your metadata, you could use better tags to funnel in more organically driven online searches for your type of product. Even though there is still a significant amount of older folks who are not using the internet to research treatment for their arthritis ailments, your company can strengthen your connection outreach and sales by deploying a number of professionally managed promotional efforts.

Best first steps would be to research where your target markets are, within various high-traffic online and print health and wellness portals. An overall strategic action plan should then be developed, containing integrated promotional campaigns that include a mix of PR, PPC, SEO, social networking, blogging, videos, online advertising and targeted direct mail, specific to the geographic footprint you want to sell to.

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