Remember the excitement you felt receiving mail as a child?

That’s the inspiration behind San Francisco-based Little Passports, a new educational subscription service that aims to turn 5-to-10-year-olds into world travelers, one country at a time, according to trendspotter Springwise.

Little Passports delivers monthly travel packages designed to provide a fun, hands-on way for kids to learn about other countries without leaving home.

The first shipment prepares little voyagers for their global adventure with a mini suitcase, passport, world map and a letter and photo introducing their travel guides, Sam and Sofia.

Each following month, children receive a personalized letter and package from Sam and Sofia, which includes travel-related items like a passport stamp, suitcase sticker and collectible boarding pass to access online games and activities that teach geography, history, culture and vocabulary.

As the months pass, little travellers notch up a jetsetter’s stamp-filled passport, personalize their suitcase, and pack it with country-specific souvenirs.

In an era dominated by electronic communication, people are embracing concepts from a slower age, like the company that transforms emails into paper letters and one that resurrected the classic telegram.

Little Passports combines that nostalgia for ‘real’ mail and combines it with the convenience of a subscription service.

What else could this formula be applied to?

Photo by Little Passports.

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