The Globe and Mail:

Christie Schultz operates the mother of all small businesses.

The 34-year-old is a “mompreneur,” a stay-at-home mother who uses technology to broaden the reach of her Calgary business into the national and international markets.

“The term mompreneur was coined almost two decades ago so it’s not a brand new idea, but what’s happening is that there’s growing recognition that there’s more of us,’ says Ms. Schultz, the mother of three young children and founder of Entrepreneurial Moms International, an online destination for other mothers running small businesses.

The unofficial catalyst for her firm was a gathering of seven Calgary mothers in April, 2008. Regular monthly meetings followed with more and more participants joining in.

“I decided that if I could make this networking of moms happen in Calgary, I could make this happen in Vancouver and Ottawa,” Ms. Schultz says. “In fact, there are entrepreneurial moms across the globe looking for support, education and knowledge about promotion of their businesses. Individually they don’t have all the skills they need to get their businesses launched but together we can all do it.”

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