What’s Old Is New: Tech For Seniors

Making the leap from The Brady Bunch to entrepreneurship, Florence Henderson has started the FloH Club, a membership-based telephone tech support service for seniors, AOL Small Business reports.

Henderson is definitely on to something big. The senior market is over 37 million strong in the U.S. alone and is still “a vastly under tapped market. It’s a huge opportunity and a perfectly wide open field,” says David Lindeman, director of the nonprofit Center for Technology and Aging. For tech entrepreneurs, having a senior moment can be a good thing.

Seniors are looking for technologies that are simple to use but not dumbed down. It has to work right out of the box and not require extensive setup procedures. That goes for everything from Web sites to digital cameras. Tech support is another major point. “People really benefit from concierge services. They gravitate to technologies that have support and have very accessible help on the technical side,” says Lindeman.

Max Drucker is putting a spin on technical support as a partner with the FloH Club. The idea for FloH Club started when Henderson was trying to learn her way around her cell phone and turned to Drucker, who helped her figure out how to use email on her phone. “She felt empowered. She said, ‘Wouldn’t it be great if people like me had people like you who they could call all the time?'” says Drucker. The FloH Club took that idea and launched in October 2009.

Photo by FloH Club.

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