For years, copywriter Allison Nazarian watched potential clients pass her by.

Again and again, she heard from business owners who needed copywriting services, but who didn’t have the money or inclination to hire someone to provide them, according to a story at Entrepreneur.

Then, about three years ago, she figured out a way to get their business: she taught them to do her job.

The “copywriting 101” course Nazarian developed to teach entrepreneurs how to do their own copywriting eventually morphed into a thriving business that has let Nazarian grow her client list and increase her earning potential.

Nazarian is one of many entrepreneurs to grow her business by teaching others the tricks of her trade.

Nazarian, too, found that sharing her expertise in two books about copywriting helped establish her as an expert in her field.

Still, she says she had to get past the idea that she’d be putting herself out of work by teaching others a skill she got paid to do.

“Once I got past the fear aspect, I realized that the folks who are taking me up on the do-it-yourself copywriting are the clients who are never going to hire a copywriter,” says Nazarian, who still takes on copywriting work herself. “So it’s not like I downsized myself out of a client so much as I am serving a group that wasn’t being served before.”

Know how to package yourself. Nazarian says she quickly learned she had to market her training as simple and user-friendly, not academic and intense. Her first book was titled Copywriting 101 for Small Businesses, Entrepreneurs, Coaches and Consultants. Her second: One Minute Copywriter.

“I took what sounded cumbersome and school-like and made it sound easy, quick and do-able,” she says. “I’m into providing really quick ways people can get good copy.”

Photo by Allison Nazarian.

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