Hooters CEO Coby Brooks ‘Undercover’

CBS News:

When Coby Brooks, president and CEO of Hooters, goes undercover in his own company, he finds himself struggling to keep up in a fast-paced kitchen, and is later forced to take action when a restaurant manager steps out of line.

In the second episode of “Undercover Boss,” which aired Sunday on CBS, Brooks started out at an entry-level job at a Hooters location and was axed before the day was out.

The next day, he worked on marketing with two female employees and discovered — it really seemed to be a surprise to him — that many Americans did not view Hooters as a family establishment and had the impression that the franchise was degrading to women.

In an interview with “Early Show” co-anchor Harry Smith last week, before the segment aired, Brooks said Hooters “empowers women all the time.” Read more.

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