Fourth-Grader Has Nose For Biz

Not every fourth-grader hands out business cards.

But Anna Ayres of Brookings does.

Frequently during the school year and pretty much full time through the summer, Anna hands out her card as a hostess and distributor for Scentsy, a franchise that sells wickless candles, ceramic warmers and home-fragrance products, reports The Brookings Register.

Why is a 10-year-old in the business of person-to-person marketing you ask? “I like to smell stuff,” she says simply. “I like smelly things.”

Tantalizing her “nose buds” with some of her favorite scents such as black raspberry vanilla or olive wood and cypress isn’t the only reason Anna wanted to get involved with the company.

The pint-sized tycoon has parlayed those interests in fragrances and people into a tidy little home business. Started last spring.

Anna acts as the hostess and distributor. She sets up parties herself and delivers the sales pitch. Her customers many of whom are repeat buyers say her presentation is both professional and adult. It’s hard, they say, to remember they’re dealing with a 10-year-old .

Anna says the other parts of her business include writing down and collecting the orders, placing orders online, depositing money into a checking account and bagging up and delivering product when it arrives.

Photo by The Brookings Register.

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