The Brookings Register:

Not every fourth-grader can hand out business cards.

But Anna Ayres of Brookings does.

Frequently during the school year and pretty much full time through the summer, Anna hands out her card as a hostess and distributor for Scentsy, a franchise that sells wickless candles, ceramic warmers and home-fragrance products .

Why is a 10-year-old in the business of person-to-person marketing you ask? “I like to smell stuff,” she says simply. “I like smelly things.”

Tantalizing her “nose buds” with some of her favorite scents such as black raspberry vanilla or olive wood and cypress isn’t the only reason Anna wanted to get involved with the company.

“I like meeting new people when I do parties,” said Anna. “I like seeing what smells people like and comparing what they like to what I like.”

“Basically, I like to talk to people ,” she said.

Logo from Scentsy