Using E-Mail During A Blizzard To Drive Sales

Just in case you missed it, the Washington, DC area has been hit by numerous snow storms this year.

Some smart businesses used e-mail to communicate with customers and prospects, build goodwill and, in some cases, drive sales, reports

Did you do anything special for the blizzard of 2010? If not, here’s some food for thought.

My favorite example comes from a restaurant in my neighborhood, Mie n Yu (see the e-mail below). It offered a 2 percent discount off your bill for every inch of snow.

There are many restaurants in my neighborhood, so the big question is usually “what’s open” – not only did this e-mail let us know the restaurant would be there, it offered us an incentive for making the trek.

Added bonus – this e-mail had viral appeal. A friend forwarded it to me, and although I was not able to join them, they got a group together, had a great time – and got 14 percent off their tab.

Photo by sodahead.

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