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The BIG Idea Group is crowdsourcing names for two different product concepts on behalf of their client, Jarden.

Concept 1: Professional Salon/Barber Clipper (for humans)
The first product is a heavy-duty hair clipper ideal for barber and salon (people) “all-day-use.” The clipper is ergonomically designed and features detachable blades. Advantages: It performs non-stop, is powerful, fast, and quieter than most in the market. It also features an updated, modern design. A rugged metal case provides an elegant presentation and can be used as safe, durable, and convenient storage. Proposed names should convey power, quiet, fast.

Concept 2: Consumer Pet Dental Product (for pets)
This is a specially formulated dental product for dogs and cats that keeps the pet’s teeth cleaner and healthier. It replaces the frustrating process of trying to brush the pet’s teeth or the cost of expensive vet visits for cleaning. This all-natural product is simply added to the pet’s water or sprayed directly onto teeth. In just 30 days, the pet’s teeth become cleaner, whiter, and brighter.


* Product names should represent a range of ideas from direct interpretations of the concept descriptions to more abstract/creative names that are considered “outside the box.”
* Names should be appealing, memorable, and unique.
* It helps to include simple taglines that may better describe the product and/or brief explanations that help explain the reasoning behind the name.
* Any names that are submitted and are currently used on existing products or are currently trademarked will not be eligible for a prize award.

All names must be emailed to us by no later than Wed., March 24 at 9AM Eastern. We must receive all Entry Agreements by Fri., Apr. 2.

We are offering two prizes, one for each winning name. The prizes (to be determined) will have a retail value of $299. Jarden plans to make decisions on winners by May.

For more information, go here.

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