Marshmallow Entrepreneur And Preschooler

Believe it or not the real boss of Madyson’s Marshmallows is 4 year old Madyson Wetzel. While her parents do a majority of the business work it is Madyson who puts in the elbow grease, says KOMO News.

What began as something Mom and Dad did for family and friends has bloomed into a home business, and Madyson is an integral part.

So Madyson, how do you make a marshmallow?

“First, you put the water in the stand mixer,” Madyson says. “Add gelatin, we put sugar in the pan, and the water in the pan…”

Once she helps mix everything, she keeps an eye on the thermometer…

“240 degrees,” says the young Martha Stewart.

And once these homemade mallows are cool, she dips them in chocolate, caramel, graham crackers, and even nuts.

“Most people have never had a homemade marshmallow,” says mom Breeze Wetzel. “They’ve just had the store-bought kind.”

At the age of 4, Madyson Wetzel is producing marshmallows, and making some real dough.

“And we go to the mailbox and she says ‘Is there any money for me today?'” Breeze says with a laugh.

Photo by Madyson’s Marshmallows

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