EZ Spices Makes Indian Food Easy

When you’re putting together the perfect dish, a pinch of this or a dash of that can become, well, troublesome. If you put too much of something it can completely destroy the taste of your whole dish. EZ Spices takes the guess work out of Indian food with their premixed spice mixes.

For those that are more interested in spicing up their wallet, they also offer a farmers market selling opportunity which will help you make a little money.

When Bob de Gouveia stopped at his local farmer’s market to help promote his product one weekend, that adventure quickly turned into sales. On the first day he sold 55 spice paks. The next weekend he sold even more, with many of the sales coming from repeat customers who loved the product so much they just wanted more!

Through his own success, Bob has opened up an opportunity for entrepreneurial minded individuals to duplicate his selling strategy and sell through their own local farmer’s market locations.

If anyone wants to start their own stand at a farmers market please feel free to contact me and we will help you get set up. We can help you with a Banner, Product (at wholesale) and all the information that led to the design of our Curries with great profit up to 100%. The cost to setup this business is less that $900.

There is a video after the cut.

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