Raising Funding The Primary Concern For Potential Franchisees


Research undertaken by leading franchise opportunities resources website, www.totalfranchise.co.uk has found that the issue of being able to raise funds for the initial investment to start a franchise, is the biggest concern to prospective franchisees.

Users of the TotalFranchise Group of sites, that attracts over 40,000 unique visitors per month, were given a choice of five different factors that they could cite as their primary concern in starting a business at present. Over half of respondents (56%) advised that raising funding was the biggest issue in their minds.

The survey also found that, as the primary concern about starting a franchise, 21% of potential franchisees lacked confidence in the franchise model to work as expected, 4% had a fear of failure, 4% had concerns over cash flow whilst building a business and only 2% had concerns about their skills to run a business.

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