How To Start A Janitorial Biz

The decision to start a janitorial business is one that should not be taken lightly, it should be carefully considered for a reasonable amount of time before any individual should approach the start up stage. For those that have no previous experience in the service industry, to start a janitorial business is much more than just buying a few cleaning supplies and having business cards printed – is it a business, in some cases a very large business, and it should be afforded the respect and attention to detail that any business endeavor demands to enable success. To start a janitorial business requires that a future business owner meet all of the necessary legal and governmental requirements of any other business, and that a new janitorial business comply with the measures necessary to be legitimized as a viable legally formed organization.

There are usually only two ways to start a janitorial business – as a franchisee of a larger national corporation or to build the janitorial company as an entrepreneur from the ground up. To start a janitorial business as a franchisee requires a much larger commitment of start up capital in order to pay franchise fees that are often ongoing. Read full article.

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