There are a few essentials that every crafter should have in their supply box. This includes everything from colored card stock to craft scissors and stampers with fun patterns. Each item can be used in a multitude of ways to make any project stand out. Of course, when you want to make money it doesn’t hurt to sell a product that crafters will also find indispensable.

It is one of those staples in the supply box that has helped push Heidi Schwoerer’s business to where it is today. Her line of rubber stampers, which can be found at 2 Cute Rubber Stamps, are all unique to Heidi. Each image turned stamp is designed exclusively by her.

Tell us a little about 2 Cute Rubber Stamps?

2 Cute Rubber Stamps is my own rubber stamp company where I illustrate cute characters and let customers get involved in the creative process! I sell digital, wood mount and rubber cling cushion stamps.

What inspired you to start making them?

I have always been drawing cartoons and wanted to create and sell something using them. I started doing some freelance work for a few rubber stamps companies and was told I should create my own rubber stamps. After a bit of thinking and figuring out all I had to do, I decided to take 12 characters that I had already inked and created my first rubber stamp line, “Vintage Cute”.

When did you first start making them? When did you decide to turn it into a business?

The official day I got my business authorization was October 15th, 2009. I didn’t get my stamps made and posted till about November. I decided I wanted to start a business in hopes that some day I could create rubber stamps as a full-time career.

How many different designs do you have?

Right now I have 19 different designs available as rubber stamps on my Etsy shop. I do have a few more designs that I sell strictly as digital stamps on my website. I am almost done inking my next line of stamps which there should be around 10-12 new designs.

What attracted you to Etsy as your storefront?

Well I have known about Etsy for a while now. I have read about other success’s and being that it is a place to sell creative and crafty things, I thought my stamps would fit right in!

Do you sell anywhere else?

I sell a few different digital stamps on my website, in hopes to get customers and fans to check out my blog!

What are some goals that you hope to accomplish with your business?

One of my short term goals is to start creating “themed” sets of stamps that will include some word stamps, along with a cute line of “mini” stamps. Some of my long term goals are to start selling my stamps in stores whether it be on consignment or wholesale and I also would like to start doing craft fairs and even a Rubber Stamp/Scrap booking Expo.

What goes into making a stamp? What’s the process like?

First is the idea, then I create a sketch in my sketchbook, which sometimes doesn’t always go as planned! Right now all stamp sketches get voted on, on my Rate My Stamp page on my website. The top rated ones get made into rubber stamps. From there I ink the sketches in flash on my HP Tablet PC where I ink right on the screen. Lastly I fit as many designs as I can on an 8″x10″ document and create a PDF file and email it to my manufacturer to get a plate made. Once the plate is made I can then place an order for either wood mount or cling cushion rubber stamps.

What are some lessons that your business has taught you?

From starting this business I have learned about patience and not giving up. I have also learned about time management and what it takes from coming up with the sketch to coming up with packaging and then to shipping each order! Another thing I learned is that every business needs to advertise constantly not only online but through word of mouth, business cards, and catalogs in order to get your name out there.

Any advice that you’d like to offer anyone that might be interested in using Etsy to sell their own wares?

I would definitely recommend others to use Etsy to sell their own products. It does take time though and a little patience, it took me about 3 months to get my first sale. Re-listing items frequently is always good and having a good description and photographs of your products are a must! Even now some weeks I have 5 sales some weeks I have none, though I am no where near being a top seller on Etsy I am happy to be getting sales!

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