Green Tax Breaks

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Many business owners that are thinking about “going green” are wondering what this will do for them and their business in the profit area. Will they end up spending more on green products?  Will they loose business by offering only green products and do these green products work just as good? Rest assured that green products do work just as well and sometimes even better. There is also a huge customer base that is switching their own household over to “green” products and would love more places to shop at that are green.

There are also some tax breaks involved when going green in your business and who doesn’t love tax breaks! For example, take the use of company vehicles whether they be personal or delivery. If you are using certain hybrid vehicles, you will receive a special tax break just for that.

By using renewable energy, your business is eligible for tax deductions. If you find yourself in a position to provide some of your own energy, however, even as simply as by adding solar panels to your office’s roof, you may qualify for a tax credit. More energy-related tax credits are available to manufacturing facilities and other specific types of businesses. As stated on Open Forum.

Tax credits are even available for those businesses that have helped others go green. For instance, home builders are eligible for a $2,000 tax credit for each energy efficient home that they build and sell to customers. There are also some tax credits for those contractors who have energy efficient and “green” commercial spaces.

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