Dating Without The Creepy Strangers

According to a story at CNNMoney, Katherine Woo was hanging out with two former PayPal coworkers at her San Francisco loft last spring, brainstorming business ideas on the sofa. Then one got distracted by a cute girl on Facebook.

Who’s that?” Brian Phillips, 35, asked.

Skye Lee, 38, peered over his shoulder and shook her head. “I’ve got someone better for you,” she told him, logging into her account and showing him another potential match. Phillips asked for an introduction.

The subsequent date didn’t go very far, but it gave the three friends an idea. Why not make it easier to do what they were already doing: using Facebook to pair up their single friends?

So Phillips, Lee and Woo launched The site lets singles view profiles of their friends’ pals and request introductions. Would-be matchmakers can also use Thread’s tools to sort through their own lists, seeking out — and offering to match up — possible soulmates.

For those worried that e-dating means hanging out with creepy strangers, friend-based connections offer a layer of reassurance, a sort of Good Housekeeping seal. After all, this is the way most people really meet in non-virtual life — through friends and family introductions.

Photo by Thread.

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