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In a move meant to bring a greater degree of reliability and authenticity to a now-thriving industry, the Direct Selling Reps’ Association has announced the 2010 Certificate of Excellence Recipients, a group of network marketing companies selected from more than 1,200 potential network marketing opportunities. It is the first annual industry certification program to compile the best network marketing opportunities available.

The certification program was developed to provide an independent barometer for Independent Representatives to gauge the validity of an opportunity. Analogous to the Better Business Bureau’s (BBB) Seal of Approval®, the 2010 awards were issued conditionally based upon the approval of the Board of Directors and input from DSRA members. The Board reviewed the companies by checking public records and available private information. Some criteria for the certificates being awarded were the companies’ financial stability, policies and procedures, product line and representative feedback.

The certification is valid for one year, requiring annual renewal. This renewal process is intended to ensure the validity of the certification in any given year. Unlike other trade associations such as MLMIA and DSWA, DSRA does not accept network marketing companies as affiliate members, another move meant to ensure the integrity of the process and to avoid the perception or reality of any conflicts of interest.

“DSRA firmly believes that developing policies that promote the best interest of the member representatives and establishing policies that ensure mutual respect between the representative and the company is in the best interest of the company in particular and the industry as a whole,” according to Executive Director Gregory Zduniak. “A strong and vibrant industry will ensure phenomenal growth and financial success for anyone who decides to select the industry as a viable career path.” The companies that were awarded the prestigious certification will be able to display the trademarked DSRA logo and certification seal, assuring prospects that its opportunity is one of the best in the industry.

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