Alarm systems are tricky to use, expensive and a waste of time. Or are they? Dan Lawrence is the founder of My-Alarm, a company that offers security systems that do not require a contract, land line or wiring to be effective.

My-Alarm sells their systems through a variety of dealers. While some might only offer the ever popular My-See video that many parents have found useful as a nanny cam, others also offer various systems that can help protect your home and business. For the aspiring entrepreneur this can also be an opportunity to sell this unique system in your own neighborhood.

Tell us a little about My-Alarm.

My-Alarm was started in 2007. As seasoned security professionals, we anticipated home and small business security to move into a more mainstream simplistic mode of sales and operations. My-Alarm offers professional grade security products to consumers via a national Dealer network. Our systems require NO wiring, NO landline connections, NO local registrations, NO contracts and offer the end user with a full blown, easy to install alarm.

How does it work?

Our alarms communicate via GSM cellular networks (AT&T & T-Mobile). Any event (burglary, fire, co2, arm/disarming & tamper) within the home or office can immediately notify any number of persons via text, email or automated voice announcements in about 30 seconds. Example: Child comes home from school and disarms the system. Mom, at work gets an email or text to her phone or computer letting her know her child is home. Then, if the child later opens a tampered item, liquor, medicine or gun cabinet, Mom is again notified and can immediately take corrective action.. With our video system (MY-SEE) Mom would also get a picture emailed to her of the child coming into the home or entering a restricted area of the home. With both the alarm and the video system Mom can check & verify via any computer or web enabled cell phone. We even have Iphone and Blackberry apps for that.

What inspired it?

Advancement in technologies, the decline in landline telephones and a small group of industry professionals who recognized that consumers wanted more control over their own security and privacy. We also realized in today’s economy consumers tend to shy away from term contracts & commitments. We require no contracts or credit checks.

Who would benefit the most from using your home security system?

Anyone and everyone who has loved ones and property to protect. Anyone who needs the comfort level of being able to remotely check and control the security and wellbeing of their home or business. Example: We had a customer just the other day that found out a service crew working in his vacation home spent an hour in the home but billed him for 6 hours of labor.

Where can it be purchased?

We sell via a national Dealer base or on-line if there is no Dealer in the area.

How does someone become a dealer?

Complete a brief application, purchase initial training and demonstration systems then complete a 6 hour on-line training course.

What are your dealership requirements?

A clean criminal background is the main requirement, after that a desire for commitment and customer satisfaction for the end users they provide our products and services to. We provide the core customer support but we also want our Dealers to be available on a local more intimate basis.

In what ways has My-Alarm evolved since the idea for it was first conceived?

Really just adding more products and services. We added a GPS product in the 4th quarter of last year. This industry and the technology that surrounds it is a fast moving target. We are already testing and plan on releasing more cellular based security products and some new (green) style home automation services in the 3rd quarter of this year.

What goals do you hope to accomplish over the next year or so?

To increase our Dealer base and bring more awareness to our products and services for our Dealers.

Any advice you’d like to offer fellow entrepreneurs that are just getting started?

Two things really; you must wholeheartedly believe in your endeavor and stay committed to its success. If you can’t completely sell your idea to yourself, you’ll never sell to anyone else. Don’t confuse instinctive caution and skepticism.

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