Subway Franchise Headed To High Schools

Danville Weekly:

In an effort to keep kids on campus and feed them more efficiently, the San Ramon Valley Unified School District board unanimously voted to own and operate Subway sandwich franchises at its four high schools.

The agreement, made in part through Chartwells school food provider, would cost the district about $25,000 upfront for equipment, according to Assistant Superintendent of Business Services Gary Black. It would include about a 10 percent royalty premium, which includes a lowered advertising rate that is said to help make the brand more visible and in turn sell more sandwiches. There would also be a fee paid to Chartwells.

Black said he expects the branded product sales to double over the unbranded ones.

The district would decide on the menu, which would include the same offerings as a typical Subway restaurant. Meals would include a 6-inch sandwich, milk and fruit for about $4. Some sandwiches would be premade to serve students more quickly. This, plus adding additional points of service with carts is expected to reach the goal of serving at least 200 students.

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